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  • Specialising in Art Nude, Beauty and Conceptual photography based in Colchester, Essex, UK

    KingHi! My name is Terry King and I'm a computer programmer by profession with photography as my main hobby. I've been mainly doing model photography since 2011 and I'm still learning everytime I shoot. I'm a perfectionist and love to push myself and continue to grow. I tend to get bored specialising in one particular genre so will often go through phases of working on a particular genre before moving onto something else. Until 2015 I've mainly been learning and building up the best portfolio that I can, going forward I'm hoping to be able to grow more and get more work published and push my name through social media more.

    If I can get to the stage where I can exhibit and sell work and get more work published then I'll be a happy man :D

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    Instagram has proved itself to be my best social media network, or at least the only useful social network! I've made contact with photographers and models wanting to work with me, chatted with interesting people all over the world, got enquires about magazine submissions and enquires about prints. Recently I've sold a few images to someone in Shanghai for their champagne lounge and was pleasantly surprised to receive a nice image of the final image on their wall. And it was HUGE! At around 3m wide and a gold gilded frame it looks like something you'd see in a classical art gallery. Very pleased to see my work being appreciated at such a scale. Hopefully in time I'll get more of my work in more public places. Although what I do it primarily hobby driven it's important to me that people like what they see :)

    Currently in VOLO magazine #39 with a beach set taken summer 2015 of Ayla Rose near Barcelona :)

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  • Shoot With Me

    If you're passionate about creating cool images and you think you've got what it takes to create images as good as what you can see in my portfolio then let me know.

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  • A New Start

    It's been a long time coming but I've finally updated my website to a more modern design that has a responsive template so it looks good whether you're using a large monitor or tiny mobile device :)

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  • Specialities

    I'll shoot pretty much whatever takes my fancy but there are key areas that I feel I'm strong at and enjoy doing.

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  • Experience

    Slowly growing but currently with some print and online publications under my belt.

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