1 04.12.2015 Rosa Brighid Feature

When I first saw Rosa it was an image with her identical twin. Wow, was the initial response, I'd love to shoot with them. Unfortunately no sooner did I think this, they both disappeared! Thankfully, around a year later, Rosa appeared back on the scene with initially some strong images that fueled my interest in shooting with her again. As if by magic I got a request from Rosa asking if I'd like to shoot with her, needless to say it was a fairly quick 'yes' reply!.


The first time we shot was Rosa coming up to stay for the weekend, shooting some stuff at home one day and the studio for the next day. The initial shots were a sensual set taken against my red lounge walls with a simple single beauty dish and immediately it was clear this girl had some talent. The posing came incredibly natural even though at this point she hadn't had a huge amount of experience. I never generally follow a fixed routine for sets when shooting, I like to change it up all the time which means sometimes it doesn't really work. But sometimes with certain models everything seems to gel in place and just work, and Rosa turned out to be one of these models.

We've only shot twice more since then but if feels like we've worked together more as we manage to cover a lot of sets that work and her images generate so much interest. Our second shoot was probably the most successful with some beautiful art nude work on a posing box and the gold bodypaint images which have featured in numerous places. Our last shoot was more spur of the moment as she was travelling nearby so we didn't have time to fully plan what to shoot but we still got some great beauty, fashion are colour gelled art nude shots. 

Rosa has an inspiring amount of drive and determination and brings positivity in abundance to a shoot. She's a complete social networking machine and has driven her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts up in followers to the heights that make most jealous in a pretty short time. And she'll still find time to interact with her followers :) She'll also push pretty much anything that anyone shoots with her so she ends up continuing to work for you long after the shoot has ended! She's someone who has been frank about her past and shared her experiences with bullying at school and University and has shown that she has become stronger from it. I'm sure Rosa will continue to grow in popularity and is only a matter of time before something even bigger will happen in her career...

Needless to say, I thoroughly recommend Rosa, even if you're not someone who shoots models then her regularly updated Twitter and Instagram will provide you with something fresh to see. 

Twitter: @RosaBrighid
Instagram: @rosabrighid
Facebook: Rosa Brighid Model
Portfolio: Rosa Brighid on PurplePort
Website: RosaBrighid.co.uk (coming soon)

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  • Allan Forbes

    Terry this a cracking article and awesome images, well done to both you and Rosa, superb collaboration....

    Allan Forbes Sunday, 06 December 2015 19:41

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