0 21.11.2015 Beltcraft Studio with Elle and Gem

I don't normally go for model studio days but when I heard that Elle Beth and Gemma Huh were doing one together at a cool London studio I jumped at the chance.

I'd worked with Elle several months before and I knew I wanted to work with her again in a different environment and I actually shot Gemma very early in her modelling career but this was the first time since she had ventured into art nude levels. There was an attraction to shoot at Beltcraft studio as well as I'd seen shots with all the cool props that are available so I knew it was a cool place to create something a little different. The format for the day that the models had arranged were 8 photographers, 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, shooting in pairs with 1 hour with each model and then 1 hour together. Fortunately I was paired with a laid back photographer who was easy to work with and we shot around 5 minutes at a time and agreed that shooting over the shoulder of the other photographer was a no no.

The studio didn't disappoint, easy to drive to in North London and didn't take too long for me. And then there's the props... Well, if anything, there were probably too many options so it was easy to get blinded by the options which made it hard to choose. And then there's the fact you have to move plenty of things out the way so as not to get in shot, or to get in the shot of the other pair of photographers.

Still, I was impressed enough to want to go back to the studio and was definitely impressed with the amount of quality shots I got from both the models. But special note to Elle Beth who provided some absolutely stunning shapes and some of my favourite art nude shots to date!

They often arrange modelling days together so keep an eye on them as I can thoroughly recommend working with them :)

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