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Since I started model photography someone that I'd been following was Arielle 'Jammy' Fox and always enjoyed seeing her work. Recently I was fortunate enough to get to work with her :)

I also managed to get hold of a great make up and hair stylist, Natalie Wood, for the shoot. We had an all day studio shoot planned and fleshed out a few ideas; including beauty, portrait with gels, fetish, colourful tights and gold bodypaint. I've done a couple of silver bodypaint shoots but this was only the second gold one since shooting with Rosa Brighid a couple of years ago. For this one we split the gold into two sets, one with 3/4 length shots with sparkly loin cloth and the other with water on the skin and various crops and more shallow depth of field.

We wanted the hair to have some more glamorous volume to it but was going to pretty much keep with the hair for the rest of the sets but then using a wig for the gold set. I already had a cheap white bob wig which hadn't really been used previously so I thought this would be the ideal time to use it so I could paint the wig and the model wouldn't have to suffer with a million washes to get her hair clean ;) It's important for me that the hair is also painted when I do a gold or silver shoot as I can't say I've ever liked shots I've seen where the hair has been left natural.

Basic details for lighting are:

Beauty - Standard clam shell lighting
Gels - Rear reflector on background and beauty dish on model
Fetish - Large softbox
Tights & Visor - 7" reflector with light quite far away to give hard shadows and defined visor shadow on eyes.
Gold loin cloth - Left and right rear softbox with grid for rim light and beauty dish with grid as main light.
Wet gold - Just beauty dish and water sprayed onto the gold skin.

Check out their work on instagram

Model Arielle Fox @ariellexfox
MUA Natalie Wood @nataliewood4

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