0 01.09.2015 Rebranding

After a long while of not pushing the experimentIV name I've decided to now go with my own name as the branding and created a new image logo simply known as 'KING'.

0 22.12.2014 Art Nude Portfolio

A selection of my favourite art nude photography from 2011 to current day. 

0 18.12.2014 Let's shoot


You've probably got here because I've given you my business card or the url directly.

0 16.12.2014 Experience

Slowly growing but currently with some print and online publications under my belt.

0 16.12.2014 A New Start

It's been a long time coming but I've finally updated my website to a more modern design that has a responsive template so it looks good whether you're using a large monitor or tiny mobile device :)

0 16.12.2014 Specialities

I'll shoot pretty much whatever takes my fancy but there are key areas that I feel I'm strong at and enjoy doing.

0 16.12.2014 Shoot With Me

If you're passionate about creating cool images and you think you've got what it takes to create images as good as what you can see in my portfolio then let me know.

0 13.12.2014 Fun with gold bodypaint and compositing

I was due to have a second shoot with Rosa Brighid and she was keen on a gold theme so we took it to the extreme and did gold bodypaint with lots of gold jewellery.

0 12.12.2014 Collaborations

Terms and Conditions of Collaborations

I will often do collaborations, generally called TF (Trade For) shoots. This means all parties involved are providing their services for free and then everyone receives copies of the images to use for non profit with full credit to all involved.

It's rare that something is completely free, they'll be costs for travel, makeup, props, studio, etc. As a general rule I will provide the studio (if needed) at my cost but will not cover travel costs. There are other factors, such as experience and who approached who. It may be that costs are shared down the middle, so whatever the total cost will be each will pay an equal share. At the other end of the scale, if you are a very experienced model that can bring a lot to my portfolio I may front all costs.

  • I will provide basic retouched shots usually within 2 weeks by email or email download link. Depending on quantity it may be a batch within 2 weeks and then others to follow as and when complete. Conceptual shots or those requiring more editing may take longer. 
  • The number of images is dependent on how many sets. I normally aim for 2-3 per set/look. From past experience it averages 10-20 retouched shots from a 4 hour shoot.
  • I DO NOT provide all images, I only send out retouched shots.
  • All images will have my small logo, 'KING'
  • Images are sent web sized, normally 1080 pixels high. Full res images are available on request.
  • Images can be used anywhere but all parties involved need to be credited where possible. This includes printed media where a common courtesy is to inform all those that the images are going to be submitted and again when the images appear.
  • No one can sell images or make a profit in any way without the express permission of the other parties. If I ever feel shots may be worth selling I will ask the models permission and split profits 50/50.
  • Do not edit any images you are given. If you want a particular edit changed then contact me first. Slight modification such as cropping off the logo is okay for some online distributions such as for instagram as long as there is accompanying credits.
  • I retain copyright.


1 04.12.2015 Rosa Brighid Feature

When I first saw Rosa it was an image with her identical twin. Wow, was the initial response, I'd love to shoot with them. Unfortunately no sooner did I think this, they both disappeared! Thankfully, around a year later, Rosa appeared back on the scene with initially some strong images that fueled my interest in shooting with her again. As if by magic I got a request from Rosa asking if I'd like to shoot with her, needless to say it was a fairly quick 'yes' reply!.

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